SAM Outillage, 100 years already, and that's just the beginning

Fourth generation

Today it's Olivier Blanc, son of Michel BLANC and great grandson of the founder, who is serving as President of SAM Outillage, determined to pursue the action of his predecessors and ensure the development of SAM in the third millennium, by continuing to combine tradition and innovation.

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Olivier BLANC

The key events

Launch of the SAM'URAÏ range of automated smart storage units

In response to the industrial constraints of its user-customers in the energy, transport, defence, construction and automotive sectors, SAM OUTILLAGE launches its SAM'URAI range of Automated Smart Storage Units.
Vending machine SAMURAI

This range of connected distributors is suitable for small and large organisations alike for the distribution of consumables and more specific and sensitive equipment.
It offers even greater flexibility and profitability for industrial companies.
It has been designed for Lean Manufacturing and includes SAM TOOL Manager software on each device. This software can be used to manage and keep track of all your operations, as well as to manage your equipment and tools.

It is a highly precise analysis tool, as each interaction can be traced, recorded and analysed, with direct access for anyone at any time via the interface.

To enable the development of these vending machines, SAM Outillage relies on a connected solution, enabling remote management and parameter setting: SAM TOOL Supervisor. Thanks to this interface, it is now possible to monitor the stock status of all products, consumables, tools and MRO processes, remotely.

This solution has been thought out as a control tool and designed to adapt perfectly to the requirements of the industrial sector. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, while offering a very complete user experience.

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Our booster on show at the Elysée Palace

Our KAP'SAM® booster at the Elysée Palace

SAM Outillage exhibits its French innovation at the time of the great exhibition

SAM Outillage was present at the great "Fabriqué en France" exhibition that was held in the prestigious Élysée Palace.

Selected from among 2,300 dossiers, SAM Outillage represented the Loire département with its KAP'SAM® at the sides of 125 other products.

This State recognition is as much yours as it is ours, dear partners, thanks to the confidence you have placed in us for so many years, for which we thank you.

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France Relance award-winning company

SAM, a France Relance plan award-winning company

SAM Outillage submitted its candidature for the "Support for industrial investment in the regions" project in September 2020. It has benefited from more than €1.5 million of investments with 30% funded by the State.

Ecovadis 2021 bronze medal

SAM Outillage won the Ecovadis bronze medal

Our first participation rewarded by a bronze medal

Ecovadis is a CSR notation agency. Its assessment is based on 21 criteria spread over four topics: the environment, social and human rights, ethics and lastly responsible procurement.

SAM was ranked "bronze" for its first participation with a score of 50/100. This assessment allows the Loire-based enterprise to position itself and define the areas for improvement on which it should focus to allow it to progress in the coming years.

A wonderful recognition for SAM Outillage which once again demonstrates that it is a company committed on the ethical, social and environmental levels.

Airbus Helicopter Qualification

Airbus Qualification for torque wrenches

SAM obtains Airbus qualification for its torque wrenches

A token of quality for our customers

The DYNASAM® 4.0 wrench is a connected communicating torque wrench ensuring optimum tightening thanks to a disengagement principle or an electronically controlled and managed breakaway triggering.
By using this wrench, there is no risk of the operator over- or under-tightening, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness and durability of the assemblies.

Manufactured in Saint-Étienne, and including a unique great breakaway system, tightness programming, three levels of indication when the torque value is reached, a self-verification device, SAM thus gives all exacting industrial companies the ideal solution for their productivity, and operator safety and comfort.

This wrench comes in a complete range covering the 0.4 to 100 Nm tightening ranges.

Discover the connected and communicating DYNASAM® torque wrenches

A new place favouring exchanges for industrial creation, innovation and design in St-Etienne

Inaugurated in 2019 and representing an overall investment of €4 million, the aim of the SAM Center is to become a place totally focussed on innovation.

SAM thus has a dynamometry laboratory making it possible to manufacture Dynatech mechanical wrenches as well as electro-mechanical and electronic wrenches, not to mention DYNASAM® 4.0 connected torque wrenches, a production line for tools and specific equipment for automotive maintenance and repairs such as the X'Drainer® drainer, the Kap'SAM® starting booster or secure HGV hydraulic jacks, and also enabling the manufacture of customised trolleys for our customers (more than 10 basic dimensions, with 5 to 10 drawers, more than 10 colours, etc.) and SERVI'SAM 4.0® smart connected trolleys.

SAM thus creates an ideal space for manufacturing its most technically advanced products while supporting the upskilling of its teams via a training centre and commercial premises housing a new sports hall, two restaurants and a bakery.


Improve productivity with the SAM X'DRAINER®

The SAMX'DRAINER® is a brand new device used for draining every type of cooling circuit.

Our smart workbench ensures the traceability of tools and the follow-up of their periodic overhauls with its many functionalities: Instantaneous inventory, quality control and safety, 24/7 availability.
This product allows you to cut your costs thanks to the pooling of tools between several operators.

Discover the SAM X'DRAINER® draining device
 smart workstation

SAM reinvents storage and makes the workstation smart SERVISAM 4.0®.

When storage gets connected

Our smart workbench ensures the traceability of tools and the follow-up of their periodic overhauls with its many functionalities: Instantaneous inventory, quality control and safety, 24/7 availability.
This product allows you to cut your costs thanks to the pooling of tools between several operators.

DYNASAM 4.0® mecatronic torque wrench

SAM innovates: DYNASAM 4.0® mecatronic torque wrench

Do you know of a torque wrench that is capable of guaranteeing that your bolted assembly is really tightened to the required torque value? You are looking for safety for all your tightening operations and feedback ensuring zero-fault production.

Discover the connected and communicating DYNASAM® torque wrenches

Modernisation of our logistics centre

Optimise order preparation

SAM Outillage modernises its logistics centre by investing in a "Miniload" type automated solution with the equipment manufacturer Mécalux.
With 20,000 storage bins, this automated installation makes it possible to densify the storage area, streamline all our logistics flows and speed up the delivery flows to our customers.

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SAM Outillage creator of tools

A new signature for a new ambition

SAM Outillage "creator of solutions" connects the Worlds. In the production and industrial maintenance, automotive repair, structural construction and finishing sectors, the company proposes comprehensive solutions by connecting its know-how with the new communication technologies, such as Active RFID.


2016 Equipment prize - Mechanical category

Kap'SAM®, our 12V vehicle starting device, obtained the "Décision Atelier" 2016 Equipment prize - Mechanical category

Kap'SAM®, a high-performance smart starting device. Designed for automotive repair and breakdown specialists, this is a radical solution for the first cause of vehicle breakdowns: a flat battery. Kap'SAM® is already referenced by PSA and Renault.

SAM Outillage innovates: Kap'SAM®, a high-performance smart starting device.

Designed for automotive repair and breakdown specialists, this is a radical solution for the first cause of vehicle breakdowns: a flat battery.

Kap'SAM® is already referenced by PSA and Renault.

Find out more about our battery-free 12V vehicle starting device

SAM Outillage proposes an anti-dropping range suitable for working at a height

Each tool is equipped with a clip that you fasten to a wrist strap or to the strap of a tool-holder belt.
They are therefore attached to the operator which makes your interventions safer, avoids wasting time fetching tools that you drop, and damaging the surroundings, prevents industrial accidents and improves productivity.

Find out more about FME, the anti-dropping range

SAM receives the 2013 AUTOmobile international Innovation grand prix silver trophy

Presented as a World First at the EQUIP AUTO 2013 trade fair, the PEA (Autonomous Power & Energy) received the 2013 AUTOmobile international Innovation grand prix silver trophy

SAM innovates: PEA - Autonomous Power & Energy

High-performance and nomad

With a major impact for the workshop repair and on-site breakdown professions, the PEA - Autonomous Power & Energy - is the fruit of a great deal of research and numerous patents, including one international patent.
Using on-board pneumatic energy, this is a universal standalone device that can be fitted to all types of tools (tightening, drilling, nailing, riveting, blowing).

Shareholding taken in the ELA Innovation company

Shareholding taken in the ELA Innovation company, a French RFID and wireless sensor specialist, based in Montpellier (Hérault). The company, a SAM Outillage technical and financial partner since 2013, achieves growth of more than 50% every year.

Buyout of the SOVA2i company

Pursuing is development strategy, SAM Outillage announces its takeover of SOVA2i, an industrial fine sheet metalworking company, specialised in the manufacture of furniture for industry and laboratories, located in Vendargues in the Hérault département.

Buyout of the RODAC company

RODAC: A Dutch company that designs and distributes pneumatic tools, leader on the Benelux markets.

Buyout of the PTS company

Buyout of the PTS company: Parisian pneumatic tooling company.

90 years of the SAM brand

What could be better than the "Chaudron" football stadium to share this event and the values of a Saint-Étienne company?

In the presence of the Mayor of St-Etienne, former "Vert" Saint-Étienne football players, CASE rugby players, and of all its staff and directors, SAM Outillage celebrated the 90th birthday of the SAM brand in the legendary Geoffroy Guichard football stadium.

Launch of the SF4 catalogue

Your new tooling catalogue

Launch of the new SF4 catalogue, available in 4 languages, it has 620 pages and 150,000 copies were printed for the first run. This catalogue is respectful of the environment, and is available in several formats (paper, electronic, downloadable, flipbook...)

"Bougeons-nous" Socially Responsible Enterprise Trophy

SAM OUTILLAGE received the "Bougeons-nous" Socially Responsible Enterprise Trophy at Théâtre MARIGNY in Paris on 18 October 2010.

The company is committed and places certain values at the top of its priorities. It has "ethical" rules and, to protect the jobs of workers in France, it does not outsource its production abroad, chooses to highlight seniors, and adopts the principles of sustainable development...

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Organising the company in worlds

New buildings for a new organisation

Inauguration of our new headquarters, the construction of which began 18 months earlier with one key principle: "ORGANISE THE COMPANY IN WORLDS", three storeys for three sectors: product development, customers, services & support.

Launch of the SF3 catalogue

This catalogue confirms the prestige image of a brand at the service of the professional end user for more than 80 years. It will be the first lever for strong recognition in the industry, automotive and construction finishing sectors. Published in six languages, 30,000 copies of this document were distributed in 60 different countries.


On 27 June 2001, the president, Michel BLANC the founder's grandson, asked his shareholders to approve the spinning off of Forges Stéphanoises to its subsidiaries SAM and SETFORGE.


Creation of a subsidiary in Madrid, Spain, with Juan CARLOS ALVAREZ: SAM HERRAMIENTAS IBERICA.

6,000 sq.m of logistics

New buildings for a new organisation

Construction of a new 6,000 sq.m logistics centre on 5.5 hectares.

Inauguration of the SAM truck

on 29 June 1990 at the Geoffroy GUICHARD Football Stadium

Construction of a new 6,000 sq.m logistics centre on 5.5 hectares.

Floating on the Second Market

Forges Stéphanoises listed on the second market.


Olivier BLANC takes his first steps there.

Setting up in CHILE

SAM/LAURAVIA sets up in Chile with the creation of ANDES-SAM under the responsibility of Noël GUICHARD.

SAM enters the automotive world

SAM Outillage merges with LAURAVIA, a company making special tools for the automotive and aeronautical sectors. LAURAVIA produces a vast range of products for the car repair sector.

1970 Paris Car Show

isoplastic catalogue

Launch of the SAM ISOPLASTIC coating

A heavy-duty coating The ISOPLASTIC coating is an unbreakable thermoplastic material that adheres so strongly to metal that it is inseparable whatever the force applied to tear it off.

SAM, a brand famed for its products

The Leader in the area of forged hand tools, SAM has a multitude of patents, four of which it is rightly famed for:

The DYNASTOP® wrench
Page taken from the SAM Outillage 1959 professional price list

The CLICKLESS® wrench
Page taken from the SAM Outillage 1959 professional price list

The OTOBLOC® wrench
Page taken from the SAM Outillage 1959 professional price list

The VANATUB® socket wrench
Page taken from the SAM Outillage 1959 professional price list


The forges for automobile applications were moved to Horme (42) and became the SETFORGE company.
The Saint-Étienne site was dedicated to hand tools with SAM Outillage.

Further to the Treaty of Rome signed three years earlier, fixing the opening of our frontiers, French industry fortunately realised how important it was to export their products.
Thus, Robert MARCEL, owner of a hardware wholesale business, took the excellent decision to group together his eight main suppliers, including SAM, to attack external markets and called this organisation MANOUTIL.
MANOUTIL operated for more than thirty years. SAM, the main player in this consortium, went up from five export customers to more than 700 active customers spread between more than 70 countries.


1953 catalogue

1953 catalogue

Product page in the 1953 catalogue

Saint-Étienne bombed by the Allies

With a view to cutting the channels of communication in preparation for the Normandy landings, the American aviation heavily bombed several towns in the south-east and centre-east of France: Lyon, Chambéry, Grenoble, Nice, and also Saint-Étienne where 440 tonnes of explosive and incendiary bombs were dropped, causing nearly 1,000 deaths and destroying several quarters of the town.
Several tens of these bombs destroyed the SAM Outillage site.

Félicien BLANC enabled the company to come through the Second World War and endured the bombing of Saint-Étienne in 1944, which left several dead among his members of staff. His secretary, Elise Gervais, a resistance fighter, was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo.

SAM Outillage rebuilds

Publication of the 1st catalogue

Interior of a modern garage equipped with SAM-STANDARD Tool-Holders
Illustration published in the 1st catalogue in 1933.

The bolt-cutter product page published
in the 1st catalogue in 1933.

The VANATUB socket wrench product page published
in the 1st catalogue in 1933.

Creation of the SAM brand

At the end of the First World War hostilities - during which he lost one of his brothers, Edmond, - François Blanc decided to devote part of the forge to the manufacture of quality hand tools. Indeed he had been greatly impressed by the equipment deployed by the American army to support the allies. It was as a tribute to the quality of those tools that he founded the SAM brand, as a nod to Uncle Sam.

The SAM brand name was officially registered.

Creation of the Forges Stéphanoises

Hailing from Haute-Loire, François Blanc, on graduating from the Ecole des Mines engineering school, took part in the development of the railways in the Balkans. He was in charge of the construction of the Tirana to Skopje line in particular. On his return to Saint-Étienne, he founded the FORGES STÉPHANOISES on the Marais industrial site in Saint-Étienne in 1906, with the financial backing of his father-in-law, Claude Peyron, an industrialist in Chambon-Feugerolles.

The Blanc Workshop
Forges stéphanoises
Patented case hardening furnaces

Illustrations published in the weekly Le Monde illustré on 17 March 1917

As a reminder of François Blanc's first loves, the company's historical site is bordered to the north by the first French railway line which, already in 1827, linked Saint-Étienne to Andrézieux.
It practically separates SAM from the Geoffroy Guichard football stadium, and the vestiges of this line can still be seen today!