High-performance logistics to meet your needs

SAM Outillage has modernised its 6,000 sq.m logistics centre, investing in a Miniload-type automated solution.

SAM Outillage, whose warehouse was saturated in the past, today makes the most of the least square millimetre and has even improved its productivity thanks to an automated store for cases, completed by pallet shelving for storing large volumes.

All the logistics flows are handled by the installation: reception, customisation, creating the toolsets, preparing and dispatching the orders.

With 20,000 storage bins for 10,000 references (over a length of 45m, a width of 15m and a height of 8m), the automated installation (three storage and retrieval machines) allows us to increase the company's logistics flow processing capacity by more than 50% and to densify the storage area.

Improved working conditions for the preparation operators

Before modernising our centre, the operators walked between 10 and 12km a day in the warehouse to find the references they needed. With the automated store for cases, the goods move to the order preparation station.
This project fits in perfectly with our CSR approach. Once the cases have been received, the operators just have to remove the products and sort them to match the corresponding order.

Candice Aubert, SAM Logistics Centre Manager

Increased productivity

The automated store feeds the work areas specially fitted out to allow the operators to prepare the orders and toolsets quickly each day. Automation has made it possible to increase productivity by 25%.

The Product-to-Person principle also cuts the order preparation and toolset creation times.

Greater responsiveness for our customers

We are now in a position to ensure the delivery of our products in less than 24hrs and, above all, to deliver orders received before 4pm the next day.

Three types of delivery are now possible to adapt to the needs of our customers: small parcels, courier service, freight.