Kap'SAM®, 12V vehicle booster

SAM Outillage has imagined a SMART vehicle-starting device using a unique technology guaranteeing POWER, RELIABILITY and SAFETY, and all that with an ergonomic design. The Kap'SAM® is already referenced by PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) and Renault.

Kap'SAM, the battery-free vehicle-starting system

Kap'SAM®, an innovative booster

SAM Outillage confirms its expertise and once again positions itself as a key player in research and in the development of automotive technical solutions. The Kap'SAM® demonstrates its perfect mastery in the area of electronic energy management.

Kap'SAM, made in France

The Kap'SAM®, entirely designed and developed by SAM Outillage, is a revolutionary piece of workshop equipment. This patented product, unique in the world, offers the solution to all the known issues facing breakdown specialists that to date have not been solved by conventional boosters.

This vehicle-starting device uses a totally new technology, based on the synchronisation and controlled management of high-quality latest-generation electronic components, to deliver to users all the power, reliability and safety they need during a starting phase, with a product benefiting from an ergonomic and functional design.

Kap'SAM, PSA and Citroen technical approval

Decision Atelier 2016 mechanical prize "Decision Atelier" 2016 equipment prize: mechanical category
The Kap'SAM® was awarded the "Decision Atelier" 2016 equipment prize in the mechanical category: "first booster functioning without a battery but with super-capacitors. No need for hours of charging to be operational, which means it's available whenever you need it." See the source: Decision Atelier - 2016 awards

Kap'SAM, the battery-free vehicle-starting system

Kap'SAM®, a starting device without a battery or mains charging

Technically, the Kap'SAM® is a tool with considerable spontaneous power delivering impressive electrical capacitance levels in its 12V version with 1600 amperes when starting and nearly 9000 amperes peak power, that is to say an electrical capacitance of nearly 500 farad.

Kap'SAM, the battery-free vehicle-starting system

This means it is a tool without any equivalent on the market because, for example, it would make it possible to light 240,000 light-bulbs in a fraction of a second.

Thanks to its ingenious battery-free system, the Kap'SAM® - unlike its predecessors - never has to be plugged into the mains to restore its capacitance. It recharges automatically to 100% in just a few seconds, once the broken-down vehicle has been started. It is therefore immediately operational for the next intervention.

The Kap'SAM®'s source of energy has been tested over more than 1,000,000 (dis)charging cycles, without any loss of capacitance or power. It can therefore start as many vehicles as required (10,100,1,000…), without stopping or any risk of being damaged. SAM Outillage guarantees a lifetime and continuous power level for at least 5 years.

The peripheral materials are of the highest quality: the clamps and cables ensure the essential degree of manoeuvrability and accessibility. The double-sheathed, all-copper, dia. 16mm cables have a cross-section of 35 sq.mm and a length of 185 cm. The fully insulated clamps, curved at 45°, make it possible to connect up to the most inaccessible batteries, on all types of vehicles, however small or large (light vehicles, motorcycles, SUV, 4X4, utility vehicles, agricultural machines, etc.)

A brand new technology for infinite use

Combining power, autonomy and ergonomy, the Kap'SAM® guarantees efficiency whatever the terrain or the conditions, even the most extreme. The equipment is designed to be insensitive to temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C and to continue to be perfectly protected and dust and rain-proof. Discreet black bumpers ensure a very practical anti-impact function during transport.

Kap'SAM®, vector of ecological peace-of-mind at the time of COP21

This product, developed in Sam Outillage's Innovation R&D laboratory (called SAMTECH), is a safe, eco-responsible industrial choice. The launch of Kap'SAM® during COP21 is the illustration of how SAM Outillage - winner of the 2011 corporate citizenship award - takes the ecological impact of its products into account.

Kap'SAM, the battery-free vehicle-starting systemUsing the Kap'SAM® means working better and in complete safety: all the sensitive components are designed to withstand all the different electrical hazards. By taking secure electronic management on-board, the user will no longer have any risk of damaging a computer by reversing the polarities or causing an electric shock by short-circuiting. Its internal programming prevents it from functioning whenever it detects a connection problem.

SAM Outillage has also included a specific "forcing" mode making it possible to start a vehicle whose battery is deeply discharged. The Kap'SAM® has a spare fuse, that can be seen and accessed by the user. With its battery-free starting technology, the Kap'SAM® means that its maintenance can be kept to a strict minimum. The user no longer needs to worry about charging or storing it. Thanks to its unrivalled efficiency, the device is always ready to function.

The five-year warranty goes to show the confidence SAM Outillage places in the reliability of its Kap'SAM®.

Its modern-look casing is made of polycarbonate. It is 50% lighter than a conventional booster and weighs just 8.5 kg. Its small size means it can be put away discreetly and easily in all types of breakdown vehicle.

The Kap'SAM® is designed for a broad market with technical approval at the European level and a worldwide extension. It is now one of the leading French products with a potential for foreign sales. The product is referenced by both of the French automotive manufacturers and is now the subject of numerous recommendations in the media.

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