The guarantees for SAM products

The SAM Outillage guarantee, it's professional!

The guarantee applies to all SAM, PTS and RODAC brand products sold by SAM Outillage.

Professional users benefit from the legal guarantee on all SAM Outillage products against all manufacturing defects or hidden defects. With reference to article 1648 of French Civil Law: "The action resulting from latent defects must be taken by the purchaser within a time of two years from the moment the defect was found." Besides the legal guarantee, SAM Outillage proposes three levels of guarantee: "SAM TOOL", "SAM EQUIPMENT AND MACHINE" and "SAM CONSUMABLE".

The SAM TOOL guarantee:

Guarantee with no time limit, on hand tools used under normal conditions (see application paragraph). It applies to faulty parts (deformation, rupture, etc.) or parts showing premature wear (confirmed after expert examination by the SAM Outillage technical departments).

The SAM Equipment and Machine guarantee:

Guarantee for a limited period, covering technical tools, equipment and machines used under normal conditions (see application paragraph). The length is given by the number after the letter M (1 to 5 years). On expiry of the guarantee period, repairs and replacements are submitted to the customer for acceptance and are covered by an:

  • Immediate Replacement Package for a similar reconditioned product,
  • or a quote for repair.

For example, this concerns the following in particular: electrical, portable electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, metrology, and torque tools, etc.


SAM Outillage designs, selects and sells quality consumable products for professional use. The products in this category deteriorate or are damaged as a result of their use (phenomenon of normal wear and tear), so they are not replaced. For example, this concerns the following in particular:

  • cutting or material removal tools (tools that can be re-sharpened [drill bits, saw or knife blades, etc.], abrasion tools [grinding wheels, sanding, deburring or cutting discs, etc.], files, rasps, etc.)
  • screwdriver bits.
  • textiles, etc.

Guarantee application

These guarantees apply to the different families of products according to the table below.

Besides the legal guarantee, the "O", "M" and "C" code is given for each reference in the guarantee column of the applicable price list.

Equipment and Machine
Hand toolsYES+YES [O]
Technical tools, equipment and machinesYES+YES [M1 to M5]
ConsumablesYES+YES [C]

Guarantee application conditions

  • In the framework of the "SAM TOOL" guarantee, the repair or replacement with a new product or with a product in equivalent condition (standard replacement) is ensured free of charge.
  • The "SAM EQUIPMENT AND MACHINE" guarantee applies if the product guarantee note or copy of the purchase invoice is returned.
  • The guarantee for products that are part of a set or kit is the guarantee that applies for the retail products (refer to the guarantee for each of those products).
  • Normal wear of the products, abnormal utilisation, modification, repair outside of our workshops and approved stations, invalidates all the guarantee clauses.
  • In the case where a product no longer exists in its sales plan, SAM Outillage reserves the right to propose a product that is technically equivalent or superior with or without a financial contribution depending on the product's evolution.
  • The guarantee is limited to the defective parts, excluding any damages.

SAM guarantee processing

  • The defective products must be returned to SAM Outillage via the original distributor. They will be examined by our technical departments which will decide whether to apply the guarantee and inform the distributor of this.
  • In the case of an invoiced replacement or repair, SAM Outillage will draw up a quote and submit it to the customer for acceptance.