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Developed for the automotive industry, our special range offers a wide choice of products to carry out every type of job on a vehicle, whether it's an internal combustion engine, hybrid or electric vehicle. SAM Outillage innovates to bring today's and tomorrow's products to market, such as our cooling circuit drainer XDC-50. You'll be able to find all the tools you need to meet your everyday needs, ensuring efficiency, comfort and safety. You carry out drainage and greasing operations, and checks on parts. You determine the origin of the breakdown: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or electronic. You remove and repair parts, and install new parts. You make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes you carry out engine tuning jobs, or have to check the air conditioning system or the on-board electronics. You'll find the general tools and those specific to your professions at SAM, as well as the tools ensuring your safety and comfort.

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