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A great SAM Outillage team at Corporace 2022A festive evening of sports

Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
Corporace 2022 | SAM Outillage
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June 2022

Corporace 2022: third participation

Our SAM team consisting of 19 of our employees, conquered the 6km of the Corporace: Last night's Inter-Enterprise Running Race at the Saint-Etienne Golf Course!

The race, held in Saint-Etienne this year, was in favour of the local association CHUkids42 created in 2012 provides real material and moral support to children in the Saint-Etienne hospital through a variety of initiatives.

WELL DONE Yannick, Marie-Edith, Sarah, Kawther, Antonin, Théodore, Alexandre, Kevin, Heinrich, Lionel, Osman, Serge, Ghislain, Toan, Frédéric, Lauriane, Sophie, Yann and Aurélien.

Excelling yourself, energy, perseverance and a sporting spirit were clearly on the menu.

Saint-Etienne Corporace
CHUkids42 association

On the programme:

  • Sun
  • Good humour
  • Conviviality
  • Solidarity in favour of the CHUkids42 association

See next year!
We're hoping to see even more of you for the next edition!

Four SAM Outillage runners for the 1st edition of "La Baldomérienne" cross-country raceA sporting morning in the sun

May 2022

READY, SET, GO: for our team that took part on the morning of 15/05/2022 in La Baldomérienne, sponsored by SAM Outillage.

It was under a radiant sun that our staff excelled with a smile covering the 13km course.

This trail made it possible to discover, or re-discover, the area around St Galmier, with stretches along the banks of Coise, the heights of Trois Croix, through the woods...

Well done Serge Laffin, Kevin Vocanson, Théodore Puntous, as well as Alexandre Cornede for this challenge taken up with flying colours!

On foot, by bike, motorbike or car... Sharing the public space!Road safety week

May 2022

Together, let's adopt the right gestures: observe the safety distances and roadsigns, adjust our speed to the road conditions and, above all, stay vigilant!

All our salesforce via a video-conference and our employees present at our headquarters took part in a playful interactive conference. Various subjects were examined:

  • Vehicle maintenance,
  • Response times,
  • Braking distances,
  • Dangerous behaviour,
  • Points-based driving licence,
  • The road and other people,
  • Eco-responsible driving...

An event offering the opportunity to bring our staff together and mobilise them around an important accident prevention subject.

Thank you Erik Bonnaud, Sud Loire Health at Work occupational health advisor, for all the advice and information he provided to raise all our staff's awareness of road-related risks.


Two SAM Outillage teams at Ekiden 2022A sporting morning

March 2022

Dynamism, team spirit and good humour were all very much present on Sunday 27 March 2022.

The Saint-Étienne Enedis Ekiden is a relay marathon done by teams of six runners.

Our two teams excelled themselves with a smile and ran the 42 km relay to support the Association Cœur de Sed whose goal is to help people suffering from genetically rare diseases such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

WELL DONE André, Frédéric, Morgane, Lionel, Heinrich, Yann, Sébastien, Ghislain, Aurélien, Serge, Marie-Edith and Alexandre who easily took up the challenge with both teams finishing in the TOP 10!

Ekiden Saint-Etienne
Association Coeur de Sed

Blood donations at SAM OutillageWhen solidarity is a shared value

March 2022 blood donation | SAM Outillage
March 2022

Giving your blood is a singular, voluntary civic gesture that makes it possible to save three lives.

A blood donation session was organised on 28 March at SAM Outillage with the blood donation teams.

A big thank-you to all our staff who took part.

Our partnership with EFS (French Blood Establishment) continues, and we're looking forward to seeing you in June for another blood collection session on our premises!

You weren't able to donate your blood at SAM on that day, but you would like to make a donation?

Go to the EFS website to find the donation site closest to you.

EFS French Blood Establishment

RECAP' 2021 - Ligue Contre le Cancer (Anti-Cancer League)2021 partnership

March 2022

Just one year ago we launched our partnership with the Saint-Etienne Ligue Contre le Cancer. After several initiatives in favour of prevention, we launched the Selfie Challenge in the framework of "Pink October" breast cancer awareness. For each selfie received SAM undertook to pay €10 to the Ligue. You really played the game because in one fortnight we received more than 100 selfies.

WELL DONE everyone

This is why SAM decided to strengthen its partnership by doubling its stake and make a donation of €2,000 to provide financial support to this association which allows us to help our teams, raise their awareness and inform them around subjects linked to cancer prevention.

THANK YOU to all our staff for having taken part in all these events.

THANK YOU to all the teams at the Ligue who have worked here regularly over the past year, looking forward to seeing you very soon to look at new topics.

Wind of youthThe internship is coming to an end... But the memories remain!

February 2022

We kicked off this lovely year 2022 by welcoming 14 interns from different horizons: Hugo, Imed, Mathéo, Philippe, Arthur, Mathilde, Ayoub J, Isla, Chloé, Thibault, Lucas, Oussama, Kirian and Ayoub B.

They all came to discover the world of Industry and its professions taking in Logistics, Production and our Engineering 4.0 department.

THANK YOU to all our staff for the time they spent and for passing on their various areas of know-how!

THANK YOU to all the students for the quality of the work accomplished, you were more than invested and motivated, you really managed to fit perfectly into all our teams!

Our 2022 interns | SAM Outillage

A better-suited work spaceWorkstation optimisation

January 2022

A tidy, well-suited working area with new equipment... what could be more motivating for your work?

The goals for the project to fit out the Toolsets area were to adapt better to the Miniload activity, do away with all the reworking and handling operations and to allow our employees to access and move around their workstation in complete safety while minimising tiredness and poor working postures.

It was the whole Toolsets team that contributed to the accomplishment of this wonderful project lead by Paul SÉNÉCHAL - Methods & Logistics Quality Manager.
This collective work made it possible to decide on the best organisation for the department and on the purchase of new equipment to achieve this (adjustable-height workbenches, handling trolleys, conveyor, etc...)

Workstation optimisation | SAM Outillage
This new organisation will give SAM Outillage a number of advantages:
  • Visual management of the Toolsets activity.
  • Greater adaptability to activity peaks.
  • Better working conditions for our staff.
  • Gains in productivity.
  • IT and organisational optimisation for launching production orders.

This project was completed in early 2022 with the floor markings and the purchase of equipment to secure the zone (barriers/beams).

Communication will also be a central point in this department's good functioning with the organisation of a daily 5-minute meeting for reviewing the performance indicators, safety, customer visits, etc.

Thierry P, Sébastien, Zahia, Jean Yves, Sylvie, Youssoupha, Thierry G, Isabelle and Aissa can be proud of the work accomplished.

Well done them, for this a great collective success.

Participation in DuoDay 20211 day = 1 meeting for sharing experiences

DuoDay 2021 | SAM Outillage
DuoDay 2021 | SAM Outillage
DuoDay 2021 | SAM Outillage
November 2021

In the framework of SEEPH (European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities), we took part for the second consecutive year in the DUODAY event to raise our staff's awareness regarding Disabilities.


This event made it possible to form duos between people with disabilities, and some of our members of staff:

  • Jean-Baptiste joined the Logistics Department
  • Loïc joined the Human Riches Department
  • Laurent joined the IT department

An amazing day of sharing and exchanges, in a good-humoured atmosphere fitting in perfectly with our human values, shared by all our employees.


"Pink October" breast cancer awareness at SAM OutillageThe staff at SAM Outillage take up the selfie-challenge and contribute to the Saintérose breast cancer awareness campaign.

October 2021

Since the beginning of the year at SAM OUTILLAGE, we have begun a partnership with the Ligue Contre le Cancer (Anti-Cancer League) in order to raise our staff's awareness regarding cancer.

In order to support "Pink October", and in addition to funding our staff's participation in Saintérose, we threw down a challenge to them: receive the most pink-selfies to support the action of the Breast Cancer Prevention League.

Our staff mobilised massively and sent more than 100 good-humoured selfies! SAM OUTILLAGE was thus able to hand over €2,000 to the Ligue Contre le Cancer to support research.

Thank-you to all our staff, we're proud to have taken part in this prevention campaign that is an integral part of our values.

Find out more about breast cancer and screening

EFS French Blood Establishment

Blood Donations at SAM Outillage3rd blood donation campaign organised on our premises

March 2022 blood donation | SAM Outillage
September 2021

Because mutual assistance is one of our values and it's important to be able to count on each other. SAM OUTILLAGE is committed and contributes to collecting blood thanks to the mobilisation of its staff with EFS (French Blood Establishment).

Another blood donation session was organised on Tuesday 21 September 2021 at SAM Outillage with the blood donation teams.

Thirty-four members of staff gave their blood.

Thank you to our teams and to the WEBQAM team who stepped forward for this solidarity event that we have once again organised in compliance with our health protocol.

You weren't able to donate your blood at SAM on that day, but you would like to make a donation?

Go to the EFS website to find the donation site closest to you.

Partnership with the Ligue Contre le Cancer (Anti-Cancer League)Strengthening our commitment

March 2021

SAM OUTILLAGE launched its Health Safeguard Plan in early 2021 in partnership with the Ligue Contre le Cancer

Today we are proud to strengthen our commitment by signing an agreement between our two entities aiming to inform our employees and raise their awareness to help them effectively combat cancer by putting various initiatives in place all year long, such as the nutrition workshops.

Our goal? Repeat these workshops to enable 100% of our staff who so wish to benefit from these precious recommendations.

Views of the signing of our partnership with the President of the Ligue Contre le Cancer, Jérôme JAUBERT, & our Director of Human Riches, Elodie PSOMAS
Ligue Contre le Cancer | SAM Outillage partnership


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