SAM Outillage, a committed company.

Investing durably regarding our staff and our environment

SAM Outillage won the Ecovadis bronze medal

For its first year of participation in the EcoVadis Survey, SAM Outillage won the bronze medal for its performance in terms of CSR for the year 2021, with a score higher than that of 60% of the companies assessed.

2021 bronze medal

A certification that bears witness to a significant commitment with respect to all the stakeholders in our activity: our staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers, not to mention the local authorities and our region.

This objective rating allows us to enhance our actions and define our improvement targets for next year in order to raise our performance in our CSR approach.

EcoVadis is an independent ranking organisation whose mission is to assess the company's performance with respect to >Societal Responsibility according to the following criteria:

  • The Environment
  • Social and Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Responsible procurement

Our CSR approach

As a major player in the Hand tool sector, SAM OUTILLAGE has implemented a future-oriented strategy that relies on 5 pillars: Innovation, Inter&national, Industry, Individual and Internet, while federating its teams around a fair, ambitious social model with strong human values that stem from our family-based culture.

Wellbeing at work

Trusting each of our staff members, keeping them safe, developing their motivation, skills and employability in a context of social dialogue that enables transverse communication.

    We guarantee our staff's health and safety through risk prevention, training and workstation improvement initiatives.
    We develop our staff's commitment by combating discrimination, and through training, recognition, and giving our teams opportunities to shoulder their responsibilities.
    We encourage open dialogue with all the social partners and staff members, and we create shared moments while taking each staff member into account individually.

Ethics & responsibility in business

Keeping our promise to ensure high levels of exactingness concerning our products and services to ever better serve our customers, distributors and users by involving all the stakeholders in an ethical, efficient approach.

    We have set up regular feedback with our customers on our premises or in the field, and our staff are trained at frequent intervals to ensure customer satisfaction.
    With our ISO 9001 certification and as a manufacturer, our processes enable us to provide our customers with products and services that comply with our quality commitments in a context of innovation and continuous improvement.
    We have set up transparent relations with our suppliers by creating balanced partnerships that take the environmental aspects, employee rights and prevention of corruption into account.

Sustainable development

Developing our activities for the future, those of our staff, our customers and our region, by taking into account the economic, environmental and social aspects over the long term.

    We keep our manufacturing in France by making investments to modernise our equipment and propose high added value products.
    In compliance with the regulations, we apply a policy of efficient, responsible management of our products and waste by promoting reuse and recycling throughout all our processes.
    We put partnerships in place with local schools and associations to link the business world with the various networks and thus enhance levels of professional insertion and promote careers in industry.


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