Quality Commitment and Policy

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and develop SAM Outillage with users of professional hand tools and equipment by providing them with competitive high-performance solutions to meet the current and future needs of their jobs.

Our profession

Our profession is to implement all appropriate means to favour the meeting between our product/service offer and the needs of users.
It is boosted by:

  • our know-how dating back nearly a century,
  • our industrial, logistical and commercial expertise,
  • our in-house skills based on continuous training,
  • the added value of the services and products we develop under our brand in collaboration with our distribution networks,
  • a Research & Development centre whose purpose is to propose disruptive innovations to meet today's and tomorrow's needs.

Our 4 areas of progress

The satisfaction of our customers, distributors and users

The satisfaction of our customers, distributors and users

Creating a climate of trust around the SAM group by gradually improving our customers's satisfaction by establishing a close partnership aiming to achieve total understanding of their expectations and the satisfaction of the requirements agreed upon in the area of performance, costs and lead-times.

The quality of our SAM products and services

The quality of our products and services

Offering a broad range of quality products and services, that are safe and offer great added value committing our brand to:

  • the development of our expertise, technical know-how and ability to innovate,
  • maintaining our industrial capability.
Ceaselessly enriching and adapting our strategy, thus nourishing our growth

Ceaselessly enriching and adapting our strategy, thus nourishing our growth

Anticipating the developments and future needs of our professional sector - users and distributors - to continuously improve our competitive positioning, and strengthen our technical brand image and reputation.

compliance with the regulatory and legal requirements

Compliance with the regulatory and legal requirements, notably regarding safety and the environment, and the quest for sustainable and responsible development in the framework of our social and societal commitment

Favouring a responsible purchasing and cooperation framework bringing together and benefiting all the players in our sector.

Favouring adaptation and development conditions for the personnel notably through a stimulating working environment, enabling creativity, professional accomplishment and team work.

Favouring recognition and integration through apprenticeships and the employment of the young and people with a disability.

SAM Product Guarantee