Screen-printed panels for the workshop

The storage solution for you

You have a workshop and you want to optimise the way it functions. SAM proposes a set of professional technical solutions allowing you to save time on an everyday basis.
Make the most of all the available surfaces, use the right storage systems, put your tools away in the ideal place, identify and inventory them at a glance,...
The SAM panel-based solution meets all these needs and contributes to your teams' performance and your organisation's competitiveness

Workstation optimisation

Your workshop's wall space is transformed into a storage surface.
The tools are within the operator's reach for greater productivity. You can quickly see if any tools are missing thanks to the screenprint.

Checking the tools at the time of inventory-taking and when putting them is greatly facilitated.

Your tools are clearly visible and easy to reach

Fast, easy identification of the tools by their drawing and reference.

Tool availability can be seen at a glance.

Quick, direct access to each of the tools

Optimised tool restocking

You can scan the product you want to order thanks to the barcode printed directly on the panel.

A great vector for boosting your image

Show your customers that:

  • you have the tools required to work on their vehicle.
  • tool management is optimised.

Convey an image of rigour and professionalism.

One workshop service = one complete wall panel with screenprint and tools

Discover all our different service panels grouping together the tools you'll need for every type of task