Our SAM trolleys are Manufactured in France

The world of storage and organisation is today SAM Outillage's core business.

In 2013, we chose to relocate the manufacture of our trolleys with the acquisition of the historical manufacturer SOVA2I, also located in France, near Montpellier.
After 5 years of investments and the design of tools, owing to a lack of space to cope with the growing production levels, the industrial resources were relocated to Saint-Étienne, integrating fine sheet metalwork in our industrial activities.

We spend a major part of our research and development time on exploiting new materials, organising tool storage for quick visual identification, and on other ways of modernising automation in the workshop.

Discover the manufacturing steps for making cases in our workshops:

Manufacturing steps for making a trolley

Traditional know-how associated with R&D
Punching plates for manufacturing trolleys

Plate punching

With a constant focus on quality, the metal sheets chosen for the trolleys and drawers are electro-galvanised to prevent corrosion. We use a quality identical to that used to make cars.

We have an automatic punching line for punching holes in the flat metal sheets (thickness 1 to 2.5 mm) using a punch and die.

The operators load the body blanks as we call them in our jargon (or plates), and then run the program. We then obtain the sheet cutouts.

folding plates for manufacturing the trolleys


Once the sheets have been punched, they are taken by the folding team which works them on NC folding machines according to the drawings made by the methods department.

Precision is key, and the parts are inspected one by one.


Applying the colour

The drawers and chassis then move on to the paint zone.

We have a paint line with a manual powdering booth and a gas furnace.

The powder is made to adhere electrostatically to the parts before being baked at 250°C, which ensures a very good mechanical strength and resistance over time for industrial use.


Mounting and assembly of the trolley

To ensure a long lifetime, assembly is done by riveting and welding

We use structural rivets - high mechanical quality rivets - for the parts subjected to great forces.

Our SAM trolleys are guaranteed without any time limit.

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