SAM Series 40 workshop trolleys

Opting for a Series 40 trolley means choosing quality, ease-of-use and, above all, a double anti-tipping system.

The trolleys in this range are all pre-equipped with an automatic locking device for all the drawers.
Thanks to this design feature, these trolleys can be used to store heavy loads while continuing to be very stable and manoeuvrable.

Secure trolley

Lockable storage & Anti-tipping system
<span class="color">Secure</span> trolley

Anti-tipping system

Single-drawer opening system
As soon as a drawer is opened, the anti-tipping system is triggered and the other drawers are locked.

Trolley with total Closing

Simultaneous centralised closing of all the drawers with folding-key locking.

Resistant trolley

Load capacity: 950kg in static, 700kg on the move.
Load capacity per drawer: 30 kg.

Ergonomic trolley

Clever mobile storage
<span class="color">Ergonomic</span> trolley

100% accessible trolley

Total drawer opening for better access to their contents. The trolleys come in 5-drawer, 6-drawer and 7-drawer versions.

Trolley with aluminium steel worktop

High-strength worktop resistant to hydrocarbons.

Manoeuvrable and mobile trolley

Four ø125mm wheels: 2 fixed, 2 braked swivel.
2 non-protruding handles facilitating movements.

Customisable trolley

Customisable & suited to your needs
<span class="color">Customisable</span> trolley

Trolleys in your colours

Order two trolleys or more, to give colours to your trolleys.

Optimise the drawers

Add 1/3 or 3/3 Foam or ABS modules to organise each drawer and improve productivity.

Accessorisable trolley

Add storage spaces with side bins and hooks.

Trolley available with its tools

Our trolleys are also available with a set of special or standard tools.

Series 40 trolleys with 4 drawers

roller trolley

Two 60mm drawers.
Two 100mm drawers

Weight: 58 kg.

Series 40 trolleys with 5 drawers


One 60mm drawer.
Two 100mm drawers.
One 150mm drawer.
One 220mm drawer.

Weight: 71 kg.

Series 40 trolleys with 6 drawers


Two 60mm drawers.
Three 100mm drawers.
One 220mm drawer.

Weight: 75 kg.

Series 40 trolleys with 7 drawers

All our trolleys and mini-trolleys are delivered assembled, ready to use.