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Tool drawer t2 tools specifically for RENAULT

Automotive, Synchronization engine, timing


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Tool drawer t2 tools specifically for RENAULT

Pin dia. 8 x 50 mm crankshaft timing.
Renault crankshaft timing setting pin.
Belt retention clip.
Camshaft timing tool for Renault.
Camshaft gear retention tool.
Clamping screw M6 x 30 mm.
Belt tension pre-setting tool.
Crankshaft timing tool.
Admission camshaft blocking tool.
Exhaust camshaft blocking tool.
Tool for locking high pressure pump.
Tightening tool for off-centre tensioner roller screw. Torx wrench, 50 and 3/8" square.
Cover-shaped tensioner.
Mounting support.
Pulley puller 1.5 DCI.
Universal kit of blocking pins for belt tension.
Drawer 2 empty foam module for Renault 2018
T2/47 REF: P3462-47
T3/26 REF: P3462-26
T3/72 REF: P3462-72
T3/75 REF: P3462-75
T3/92 REF: P3462-92
T4/74 REF: P3462-74
T4/76 REF: P3462-76
T4/78 REF: P3462-78
T4/176 REF: P3462-176
T4/177 REF: P3462-177
T4/206 REF: P3462-206
T4/207 REF: P3462-207
T4/208 REF: P3462-208

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