Article 416-135M | Professions and sets
Article 416-135M | Professions and sets
Article 416-135M | Professions and sets
Article 416-135M | Professions and sets
Article 416-135M | Professions and sets

Set of 135 tools, roller cabinet with foam inserts

Professions and sets, Industrial maintenance technician sets


2546.00 € excl. VAT


Set of 135 tools, roller cabinet with foam inserts

New generation 41 series tool trolley: 5 drawers
(1 x64 mm, 2 x104 mm, 1 x152 mm, 1 x254 mm).
20% more storage space compared with our standard tool trolley,
2 additional storage meshes on the sides.
Stainless steel top with edges,
bumpers to protect the body.

To avoid any possible risk of over-tipping, tool trolley 416HZ is equipped with a one-drawer-at-a time opening system.
When one drawer is open, the anti-tipping system comes into action and the other drawers are locked.
1 stainless steel worktop. 100% opening of the drawers.

Workstation height rethought for greater comfort.
Large work surface.
4 swivel wheels Ø 125 mm, one with brakes to facilitate movements with a single finger.
Integrated handle.

Tray No 1

x18 1/2" sockets: 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-
17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-27-30-32 mm.
x1 1/2" articulated extension.
x1 1/2" ratchet.
x1 ½" sliding handle.
x1 ½" universal joint.
x1 1/2" extension.
x5 long 1/2" sockets.
x15 1/4" sockets: 3.5-4-4.5-5-5.5-6-7-8-9-
10-11-12-13-14-15 mm
x1 1/4" ratchet.
x1 1/4" universal joint.
x2 1/4" extensions: 50 and 100mm.
x1 1/4" flexible extension 150mm.
x1 1/4" sliding handle.
x1 1/4" socket-holder screwdriver.
x1 1/4" bit-holder socket.
x30 bits.
x20 ¼" screwdriver sockets.
x5 1/4" Torx® sockets: 4-5-6-7-8.

Tray No 2:
x12 combination spanners: 8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-
17-18-19 mm.
x11 screwdrivers: 7 slotted, 4 Phillips®.
x1 adjustable spanner.
x1 slotted chisel.

Tray No 3:
x1 small hammer.
x1 hammer, 32mm.
x1 multigrip pliers.
x1 cutting pliers.
x1 combination pliers.
x1 straight-nose pliers.
x1 vice-grip.
x9 long 6-flat spherical head keys.
x9 short Torx® keys.
x9 short Resistorx keys.
x5 pin-drifts: 2.5-3.5-5-7-9 mm.
x1 punch.
x1 short tape measure.
x1 set of thickness gauges.

Composition with 135 tools in FOAM modules
and new-generation 6-drawer tool trolley 416HZ.

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