Article 791 | Metal working
Article 791 | Metal working

Lever type SAMSOCUT® metal saw

Metal working , Hacksaws


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Lever type SAMSOCUT® metal saw

COMFORT: Stop for better guiding the saw.
Complete metallic frame with elastomer coating.
Two-material handle.

FUNCTIONALITY: Blade tension adjustable by means of the swivel handle:
- pre-setting by loosening/tightening the handle.
- swivel the handle for the definitive tension.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Orientable blade, 2 possible positions, vertical and 45°. Tilting of the base of the handle to release the sawing axis.

Levered-tension hacksaw.
Two-material body.
Comfortable stop for guiding the saw.
Cutting height: 100 to 109 mm

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O | SAM TOOL guarantee.
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NF E73-073

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