Article 3241 | Automotive
Article 3241 | Automotive

High-power pneumatic actuator spring compressor (2.4t)

Automotive, Suspension


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High-power pneumatic actuator spring compressor (2.4t)


Spring compressor ideal for light commercial vehicles, 4X4, etc.

Universal pneumatic compressor for suspensions.
Foot control with pneumatic control pedal.
Double tubular gate to protect the operator.
Equipped with an air supply cutout switch on gate opening.
Cup support with double positioning to increase the working travel distance.
Increased safety on gate opening thanks to the new spring system.
Safety valve for shutting down the machine on gate opening.
Protection bushing.


Air pressure: 6 to 10 bars
Compression capacity: 2.4 tonnes at 10 bars
Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 1,600 mm
Product supplied with two compression cups:
Cup 1: dia. 78 to 130 mm
Cup 2: dia. 105 to 182 mm
Compression force: 2,452 kg
Machine compliant with standard EC 2006/42/EC and 97/23/EC - Weight 70 kg.

This spring compressor is supplied with 2 cups Ø 78-130 mm / 105-182 mm, Riser integrated in the chassis to avoid working with your back bent. All the other accessories are optional and can be installed on this version, such as stay-rod vice, additional cups, etc. Ideal for replacing all types of shock absorber available on the market.

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