Article R-...Douilles_1/4_pouce | Sockets and accessories
Article R-...Douilles_1/4_pouce | Sockets and accessories

1/4" short hexagonal sockets in inches

Sockets and accessories, Sockets and accessories 1/4" Radio


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6.45 € excl. VAT


1/4" short hexagonal sockets in inches

Forged chrome-vanadium steel. SAM Surface Drive.
Maintains the socket on the 1/4" accessories with a ball.
Bright polished chrome-plate finish.

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Sales reference Weight (g)H (mm)d (mm)D (mm)P (mm)A"GuaranteePrice excl. VATPDFCompliance
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 3/16"
1525128.143/16<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 7/32"
1525128.74.57/32<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 1/4''
1525129.351/4<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 9/32"
15251210.85.59/32<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 5/16"
1525121265/16<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.not marketed
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 11/32"
172512136.511/32<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 3/8''
16251214.573/8<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.not marketed
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 13/32"
18251415.8813/32<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 7/16"
1925151797/16<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 1/2''
272515.518101/2<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.6,45 €
SOCKET 1/4'' 6-FLAT 9/16"
32251619.7119/16<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.not marketed
Guarantee applied

O | SAM TOOL guarantee.
Guarantee without time limit on the tools used under normal conditions.

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<b>O</b> | SAM TOOL guarantee.

Standards & Directives

Standards / Directives
NF ISO 1711-1
NF ISO 2725-1
DIN 3124
Certificate of conformity

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