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DYTF-...  DYNATECH® torque wrenches with fixed ratchet
Normes : NF ISO 3315 - NF EN ISO 6789

Versatile and precise key allowing to carry out multiple interventions without changing tools.
Repeatability guaranteed to ensure the safety of your tightenings.

Handle resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents, brake fluid and oil.
Efficient and comfortable grip for the operator reducing the risk of MSDs.

Scale in Nm with wide range of use ranging from 1 to 350 Nm, to have the right tool for all possible situations.
Key supplied with a 3-point calibration certificate in a plastic case or case according to the number of accessories.

Accuracy guaranteed at +/- 3% up to 5000 cycles, 25% better than ISO 6789 (except models with 1-5Nm capacity: +/- 6%).
New spring enduring fatigue tests of 1,000,000 cycles to the maximum torque of each key.
Mark on the handle for a perfect positioning of the point of support ensuring accurate tightening.

Each key is numbered and delivered with a verification report in accordance with the NF EN ISO 6789 standard.
Mechanical key with trigger.
Type II - Class A.

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SAM Capacity Nm Graduation Nm Ratchet L mm Container dimensions containing Weight kg
DYTF-5-1       198  tube     
DYTF-25-1       225  tube     
DYTF-50-1       360  tube     
DYTF-100-1   0.50    455  tube     
DYTF-200-1     498  tube     
DYTF-350-1     562  tube     
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