Article CRHB-... | Workshop and person equipment
Article CRHB-... | Workshop and person equipment
Article CRHB-... | Workshop and person equipment

Hydraulic air bag bladder jack

Workshop and person equipment, Presses, jacks, cranes


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Hydraulic air bag bladder jack

This product is ideal for day-to-day car maintenance lifting operations on the move.
Its small size and its ease-of-use make it the essential ally on a daily basis for all intervention and repair trucks.

Two models for lifting 2T with two possible lifting heights:
CRHB-2: One 2-bulb model with maximum lifting to 430 mm.
CRHB-3: One 3-bulb model with maximum lifting to 560 mm.

Can adapt to environments for a user requiring ultra-flat car lifting or a more standard type of lifting.
Product with minimum dimensions for quick stowage in your vehicle, and easy to move thanks to its ultra-light weight (30x50cm and hardly 15kg).
The product is supplied with an extension fitted with a rubber pad protecting the vehicle's chassis while lifting it.
Fitted with a double-acting lever: rise / descent (right/left).
No maintenance required.

The system is equipped with an internal telescopic guidance system making it possible to ensure vertical lifting and lowering, therefore greater robustness and the guarantee of a maximum lifetime.
Conform to standards EC GS TUV and 2006/42/EC and EN1494.
Recommended utilisation pressure: 6 bar and 7 bar max.
Provide a 1/4" air intake connection with a coupling type 19062 (PTS/SAM range) to connect it to your network.

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