SAM Outillage

734-CR-PA 734-CR-B Working station for suspension - Spring coil compressor

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Use of the body of compressor 734-CRB directly on a working station adapted to.Work made easier and more rapid.
Conceived to avoid not-ergonomic and inconvenient positions of work.
The body of compressor is integrated while fixing on it.
A safety cabin comes to protect the operator during work.
The working station integrates a powerful electric motor.
Engine 230V - 140W - 50Hz.
The engine comes to activate the opening or the closing of the cups on simple pressure of a button by the operator.


Usable on 90% of the vehicles equipped with Suspension springs Mc Pherson with only 2 cups (for springs from 80 to 200mm diameter).
The insert of protection may avoid any slip of spring (Polyurethane).
The studs of the insert avoid all bad installation of the springs.
The jaw has a clever modular system making it possible to adapt all the types of springs and all lengths. Allow right, conical and any other springs.
Only 5,5kgs Open mini of 40mm and maximum of 396mm.
Ergonomic handle of tightening round with milling.
1/2 female square drive for direct use with impact wrench.
Maximum Load of 25000Nm.
Safety pin can be replaced without opening the body of the compressor.
(M10x25mm) For a better traceability, each body is numbered.
Each body is delivered with a protection for use on a vice.