SAM Outillage


Our products are guaranteed against any workmanship defect. This warranty extends to the replacement of defective parts to the exclusion of any damages for any cause whatsoever.

Each product corresponds to a SAM warranty code. The conditions of application are expressed in the text of the SAM Guarantee in the price list.


This warranty will end if the equipment is used improperly or if it has undergone an operation outside the network accredited by SAM.

The delivery costs of the products to the Technical Assistance Service are paid by the customer. The return of products benefiting from the SAM warranty will be attached to a pending shipment to the corresponding client. The products must be returned in an identified parcel including the list of products concerned, a copy of the delivery note or invoice for products benefiting from the warranty " machine". The products that do not benefit from the guarantee are the option of the customer, destroyed by SAM or returned to the customer at his experience. 



SAM OutillageThe « SAM TOOL » Warranty : O

Warranty with no time limit on tools used under normal conditions (see « conditions of application » paragraph). Applies to defective parts (deformation, mechanical failure…) or premature wear (if confirmed by the expert opinion of SAM technical department).




Warranty with a one-year limitation on appliances and machines used under normal conditions (see « conditions of application » paragraph). After this period the repairs and replacements are subject to a quotation submitted to the customer’s acceptance.


« CONSUMABLES » products : C are excluded from the SAM warranty. 

Products in this category are related to normal wear and tear and are not traded.



Conditions of application of the SAM Warranty :

• Within the framework of its warranty, SAM will repair or replace the defective product with a new product or a product in similar condition (standard exchange) without charge.

• In the case of a product which is no longer available in its sales plan, SAM reserves the right to offer a product technically equivalent or superior to the defective product with or without financial participation according to developments in the product. Normal wear and tear, abnormal use, modification or repairs except in our own or approved workshops nullify all clauses in the guarantee.

• Warranty S « SAT » is applicable on condition that the product warranty certificate or copy of the invoice is returned completed and dated on purchase.

• Whatever the cause, the guarantee is limited to defective parts and SAM shall not be liable for damages of any kind.


Claiming under SAM Warranties :

• Defective products must be returned to SAM Tools through the intermediary

of the distributor who supplied them. They will be subject to expert examination by our technical department which will take the decision regarding application of the guarantee.

• In the case of replacement or repair invoiced, SAM establishes an estimate submitted to customer approval.