SAM Outillage

DYNATECHDesigned to exceed your requirements ...*

* Performances higher than the standard ISO 6789

 Clé dynamométrique DYNATECH
  Système push  Fast change of the socket by simply pressing the red button.
No risk of falls of the socket during handling of the key.
 Cliquet 72 dents Ratchet with 72 teeth, angle of recovery 5°.
Resistance test conducted in the laboratory
following specification of ISO 3315.
 sens de serrageDirection of use indicated by an arrow.
 identificationProduct identification : Reference and ID number.
 poignée ergonomiqueEasy and precise adjustment of the tightening torque
Durability of marking on the graduated scale and sliding gauge.
Satin background for easy reading.
Very precise resolution of the scale.
 réglage du coupleErgonomic handle
Efficient and comfortable grip. Bi-material.
Resistance to hydrocarbons, solvents, brake fluid, oil.
 repère de positionnementLandmark for correct positioning of the fulcrum for the controls.
 résisitance aux chocsResistance of the key in the case of shock
Metal shield on the handle. Product design all-steel.
Test carried out : drop the product side handle with a height of 1 m.
clé dynamométrique DYNATECH
Model with interchangeable end.
Allows use of the key release by reversal of the end.
detail of DYNATECH range
INTRODUCTORY OFFER : We offer the first test and recalibration for the first 100 keys of each reference..
To receive this offer send back this document with the key.