SAM Outillage

P-192-K Cordless impact wrench 1/2" 19,2V with socket set

Download SAM Tools videodownload video (xVid format 25Mb)
Especially designedf for car applications
- Speed 2000tr/min and Torque 400Nm (
- 2600 impacts per minutes
- Autonomy: 150 tightenings and 150 untightenings with a nut of 21mm
- Battery Ni-Mh. Easily replaceable carbon brush
- Impact Transmission increased by inertia
- Ergonomic Handle which reduces the vibrations
- Weight of 3kgs.
Delivered with 1 charger and 2 batteries for more autonomy.
With a set of 1/2 impact sockets : dimensions 10-11-12-13-14-16-17-19-21.