SAM Outillage

The respect of the general instructions of security indicates a good use of the tool. These instructions are additional of the precautions that each user must consider according to the practices of is profession, his company and the regulation in his country.


The wearing of safety goggles is essential during any work causing dusts, glares, luminous flashes. The wearing of gloves protects you during any works of cuts, burns, shocks..

The right practice

It is important to be sure of your balance, particularly in case of hard works, such as tractions or unlocking. A good posture during operations of lifting spares your back, watch to get a straight back and folded legs.


1000 volts insulated tools are essential to work under tension or near a material under tension.
During works under tension, only these tools get the required insulation.

Choose the right tool

The adapted tool :

Any tool has its own function, that is why it is appropriate to use a tool with the aim of the usage for which it was conceived. So, with the good tool, you will work in full safety.

No modification:

Your tool has characteristics which are appropriate for it. Any modification from you, such as grinding, overheating would weaken it.

No extension :

Your tool has a capacity which is appropriate for it. Don’t use extensions in order to increase this capacity.

The maintenance

An appropriate tool is a secure tool. A secure handling passes above all by a meticulous cleaning of your tools. Furthermore, inspect them before use to track down any possible weakness, like an excessive wear. Do not forget that certain mechanisms must be regularly cleaned and oiled. Refer to the utilisation notes and keep them. Finally, if you have a kit of maintenance, use all the parts of the kit.